7 Obsolete Social Media Tactics You’re Wasting Your Time On

social media tactics

Featured Download: 16 Ways to Get More Retweets Cheat Sheet  (click here to download) Social Media Marketing is a beast! However, it can also be a major time waster, if you dedicate time again and again to tactics that are not proven to work. So, don’t miss out! Make sure you don’t waste your time on… Continue Reading >>


5 Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest Marketing Strategies

Are there any Pinterest marketing strategies that can indeed drive traffic to your site effectively? Depending on your specific niche, Pinterest can definitely drive targeted traffic to your site. Featured Download: Grab your free copy of this checklist in PDF format. 100 content marketing techniques to make promoting your next blog post very easy. (click… Continue Reading >>


7 Popular Content Marketing Myths You Need to Stop Following

content marketing myths

Content marketing is very effective in building your Platform and in getting your message out there. However, are you aware of the content marketing myths below? HEY: Grab your content marketing checklist: 100 content marketing techniques to make promoting your next blog post very easy.  (click here to download) Myth #1: More Likes, More Success Nowadays, the… Continue Reading >>


A Complete Guide to Creating Awesome Visual Content

visual content guide

Are you interested in creating awesome visual content? You need to create stellar visual content to create original, and not borrowed, images on your blog post. If they are borrowed, you can still add your own flair to them. Using visual content in all of your writing on the internet has become more of a… Continue Reading >>