15 Work-Life Balance Tips

work life balance tips
In the past I used to regularly work very long hours. This lasted for years and years and as you can expect, the price I paid for this lack of work-life bakance was not insignificant. My relationships were affected quite a lot. I put on weight. I went from being very positive and smiling all the time to being upset and tired.

This doesn’t happen overnight. But if you lack balance in your life, you wake-up one day and it hits you. You realize that life is not about chasing relentlessly the next task on your to-do list, while missing sunsets, smiles and actually…. life. Don’t wait till you reach that point!

Here are 15 work-life balance tips to help infuse a bit of balance into your life:

1. Spend more time doing what is meaningful to you.

We all have endless to-do lists and it is a fact of life that you can’t spend all your time doing stuff you like. On the other hand, ignoring your soul and living a life of “have tos” is a bit less than ideal. Remember that you always have options. This may not be the case short term, but longer term you are not a prisoner of circumstances unless you accept to. Try to maximize the time spent doing what you love, with people you feel good with. It will make a huge difference to how you feel.

2. Pursue a passion.

As part of regularly allocating time to do things you love, pursue a hobby. Forget the excuses that you don’t have time. It may be the case that it’s not feasible to allocate as much time as you want to pursuing your passion. However, do this regularly as much as your schedule allows you. It will brighten your days significantly. And you’ll have all the time something exciting to look forward to.

3. Don’t over-commit.

This is a tough one. We want to do so many things and time is limited. But instead of complaining about something we can’t change, ruthlessly cut everything that is not essential. Set and observe priorities. Remember that committing too easily is a key cause of your full schedule and high stress level. Reduce your commitments and spend a higher quality time with the activities that make it on your list.

4. Exercise regularly.

You are probably tired to hear this again and again. But it does work. You will not only enjoy a better physical shape, but also a better mood. As a watch-out, don’t try to go for a big lifestyle change all of a sudden. It will only last for a couple of weekends. The most important element is to exercise consistency.

5. Do work you love.

It may sound like a luxury, as many of us work just for the money. If you often go to work with a big smile on your face, it’s great. If not, it’s never too late to pursue a career that is more fulfilling. Don’t settle! There is no dress rehearsal for life, so we need to make the most of it.

6. Manage time better.

You knew this one was coming, didn’t you? It’s true that time is limited. However, the real issue is the way we perceive time in relation with everything we would like to do. We have much more control over the second part of the equation…So it’s up to us to learn how to shift from a time scarcity to a time abundance approach.

7. Slow Down.

The pace of life has become a little crazy. We are chased all the time to do this and that and we often feel we are behind. Therefore, we push and accelerate the pace even further. We do need to have our moments of relaxation, though. But you will not get to enjoy such moments, unless you create them. So make sure that from time to time, you purposely slow down.

8. Connect with others at a deeper level.

We are social beings and we do need meaningful interactions with others. You get so much more out of deeper meaningful connections, than from brief superficial interactions. Try to surround yourself with people you resonate with and spend time to build quality relationships. This will bring you so much joy!

9. Dedicate time for growth.

You may feel the need to read a book, to grow spiritually, to learn something new. If you ignore this need for too long, you will start to feel that you lack something in your life, even if it’s hard to point out what. Do make time for activities that help you grow. No excuses!

10. Recharge your batteries.

Take a vacation and do something new, something wild or just do nothing. Try to change your environment completely for a while. And on a regular basis, make sure you get enough rest. It’s ok to sacrifice sleep short term if you really have to. However, if you turn this into a long term practice, it’s very detrimental to your health and wellbeing. Make sure that you take care of yourself. After all, we are human beings, not robots.

11. Minimize the negativity in your life.

We are bombarded with negative news all the time. We meet difficult people, we are caught into conflicts, we get hit by our own negative thoughts. If you think about it, all this negativity doesn’t serve any constructive purpose. Ignore it! Get it out of your life!

12. Embrace change.

Our balance is often disturbed by the various changes that keep coming into our lives. Change is unavoidable. It is our reaction to change that triggers the stress though, not the change itself. Learn to embrace change and to welcome all the opportunities that come along with new experiences.

13. Let go.

There is a lot of baggage we carry around and most of it does not serve us at all. Let all the anger go. Forgive. Leave failures behind. Accept lost opportunities. If you feel hurt, don’t deny your feelings. Deal with them and move on….

14. Have FUN.

Go out with friends, play with children, build the biggest sand castle, run by the sea, take a long walk in the mountains, go horseback riding, dance, do whatever puts a big smile on your face. When is the last time you had the time of your life? If you think too much about the answer, it’s time to take the initiative and do something fun right now!

15. Be yourself.

There is a lot of pressure to comply with what is socially regarded as the success model. However, you can only be fulfilled if you stay true to yourself. Get rid of the “shoulds” in your life, as this is YOUR life and you owe it to yourself to live it your way.

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How To Achieve Stretch Goals

First let me ask you a question. Why should you set stretch goals, anyway? And why is it important to explore how to achieve goals?

How To Achieve Goals

Take some time to think about your big life dreams.

Yes, those that get pushed away daily by the urgent priorities of the day. Well, these type of big dreams are usually quite stretch and you owe it to yourself to really push for reaching them.

There are no limits to what is possible to achieve, if you set your mind to it. But you need to approach such goals in a smart way. So, let’s get right to it.

Keep Your Motivation High

Sustaining motivation  over a long period of time  is key in order to succeed. You will face roadblocks, failures, negative people, apparent lack of progress.

It is easier to just quit and this is what most people do. So in order to find the strength to move forward, it pays off to capitalize on a few tips:

  • Start small and build the intensity of your action gradually. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to do everything perfect all at once, then failing and quitting. You don’t need to be perfect and you don’t need to do everything now. Just move forward consistently, no matter how little.
  • Keep your mind on the prize. Create a vision of the outcome and use it to motivate yourself. If you start focusing on the obstacles, you may run out of steam. Keep yourself positive via focusing on the end result.
  • Just do it. I think Nike’s slogan is brilliant. Coming back to our topic, the point is to just start taking action and then you will find it easy to continue. Sometimes, you don’t naturally feel like doing something and procrastination is ready to embrace you strongly. Make it your objective to just take the first step towards doing something.
  • Get support. Try to surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people. You don’t need the negative energy of the nay-sayers. Get a coach, join a mastermind, find a buddy. Capitalize on the energy you get out of sharing an objective with others.
  • Celebrate success. Don’t be shy to reward yourself when you make progress and manage to stay on-course. And do it often!

Take Massive Action

Achieving a stretch goal implies taking massive action. There are of course the odd cases in which someone gets lucky. These are exceptions, though. Most people who truly succeed at something worth experiencing, are paying the price.

Check out Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers“. He provides a superb argumentation on why it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice to master something.

You may see these cases in which people succeed overnight. It all comes so easy to them, right? Most of time though, what seems as an overnight success has lots and lots of effort behind. The outcome you envy is just the tip of the iceberg.

If you don’t take massive action towards achieving your goal, you are not likely to reach it. At the same time, when you contemplate the huge task ahead, you will probably feel overwhelmed and quit. So, what to do?

Massive action is definitely needed, but think about it as long term. Start with baby steps. It doesn’t matter how far you are from reaching your objective.

Don’t try to close the gap all at once. Consistency wins the race. If you overstretch yourself, you will soon lose motivation and quit.

The important element is to continuously make progress towards achieving your goal. One step at a time. The fact that you take one step and then another one and then another one builds-up over time.

There is a compound effect at play and the Universe will start to help you out, as well.

Become A Good Vibrational Match For Your Goal

In order to attract in your life situations and people that support you in reaching your goal, the vibration of your energy needs to have the right frequency.

The common knowledge says that you need to visualize the final outcome and try to feel today as you would feel when reaching your goal. As the outcome is something that is most likely very aspirational to you, then you will probably feel very excited.

There is a very powerful angle on how to approach this in an effective way. Steve Pavlina explores it in-depth in his epic post on the topic. The point is that if the outcome determines you to feel over excited, this also send the signal that reaching it is something that is totally extraordinary for you.

You tend to attract something, when it seems natural for you to experience or have that certain something.

For example, buying a car may feel natural for someone who can afford this. At the same time, it can feel as totally out of reach for someone struggling with unemployment.

If you set a goal that is so high that you’re totally out of alignment with it, it’s unachievable for you. If you go for something that feels natural doing or having, then your goal is not stretch.

The solution is to go for something in-between. Set a goal that you feel it’s reachable, but that you are not yet vibrationally aligned with. This is a stretch goal.

Jack Canfield  names these breakthrough goals, to indicate that once you reach them, your game is upped to a whole new level.

In this way, your mind believes that you are able to achieve the goal. If subconsciously you don’t believe it’s feasible, you will not take the action needed to succeed.

Since for stretch goals your vibe is only partially aligned with the goal, one of your key action steps is to fully align it with the goal.

In order to do so, you first need to really understand the new vibe.

Interact with people who are already there, read books on the topic, place yourself in contexts in which the new vibe is manifested, visualize yourself after reaching the goal.

Ultimately, you not only need to become familiar with the feelings of having reached your goal, but it should feel totally natural.

This progressive change will inspire you to take the right actions and will start to experience lots of synchronicities. You will start to meet people and bump into resources that support you in achieving your goal.

How To Achieve Goals

Here you are! Once you have set the right stretch goal, you are ready to move on to taking massive action, starting with small steps and continuously building on them.

Most importantly, you need to become a good match in terms of vibrational alignment with your stretch goal. Then, everything will fall into place and you will achieve your stretch goal.

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Top Tips To Make Better Decisions

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Thus, I think it’s worth asking ourselves how can we make better decisions, particularly when stakes are high.

We are human beings and making a decision is not a simple and rational “process”. Let’s take a look though at what are the steps involved in making a decision first. Then we can explore the more exciting angles of this topic.

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Not at all! Most people live their life confined in a box they design themselves.

Your dream life is waiting for you right now, at the boundaries of this box. But if you just slightly push these boundaries, you won’t get very far.

Go beyond limits! It’s totally possible to achieve something totally amazing. But before that, you need to develop the vision and think big. This is what we’ll explore going further.

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